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Jenny has nearly 20 years of experience engaging and educating children through multimedia programs. She assists educational, cultural, and non-profit organizations to design media-centric programs and curricula. 


Jenny understands the needs and time constraints of teachers and creates high-quality materials to support and enhance classroom instruction.

She partners and collaborates with leaders and world-renowned organizations including The British Museum, Rijksmuseum, Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu, UNRWA, and the Asia Society.

She is a powerful storyteller able to cover complex and sensitive issues in a way that children find engaging and relevant.


Developing strategic programs to engage with schools, teachers, and students in a way that enhances the school curriculum

Conceptualizing and creating focused multimedia materials

Training and mentoring your education team

Professional development for groups of teachers in working with your subject matter and materials

Advising on connecting with thought-leaders and role models to amplify your communications

Internationalizing your education work

Producing videos that help tell your stories for impact assessment and for marketing and fundraising





Jenny Buccos is one of the very best there is when it comes to producing high quality multimedia and video productions for classroom use. She continually demonstrates creativity as a powerful storyteller...her contributions to the field of education are so critical and necessary.

Brandon Wiley

Chief Program Officer, Buck Institute for Education

“She takes the time to properly research what is needed to capture environments without bias and gains access to areas that provide a rich landscape for learning.”

John Hishmeh- US Department of State

“A no-nonsense, dedicated, and stunningly organized founder! She runs the show...asking key questions behind the scenes and making sure the content is geared towards the appropriate age group.”

Sarah Menkedick- Author, Editor, and Mother (MEXICO)


“Jenny Buccos' ProjectExplorer is the only mechanism that will prepare our young people for the task of being the leaders of tomorrow.”

Dr. John Kani, Founder

The Apartheid Museum (SOUTH AFRICA)

“Her videos are a virtual, movable feast of foreign culture and information.”

Parents' Choice Foundation (USA)

"Jenny masterfully creates kid-friendly multimedia. My students always appreciate the diverse human perspectives she captures around the world to bring into their classroom."

Aaron Shelby - Teacher, Al-Bayan School (Kuwait)

“Your videos informed me about everything important. I hope you can teach me more!” 

Alessandra, Grade 3 New York City

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