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Science is Cool 9 Virtual Conference

Keynote: STEM Saves the World!

[August 2022]

National Future of Education Technology® Conference

STEM Saves the World!

Orlando, FL. [Jan 27, 2022]


Envisaging the STEM Classroom of the Future

[Oct. 5, 2021]

Talks at Google

with Jenny Buccos & Kari Byron

Mountain View, CA. [Feb. 28, 2020]

Purpose, Prosperity, People

Panelist US Dep of State’s Diplomacy Center

Wash., DC. [Dec. 10, 2019]

AFS Global Conference

World Premiere of Crash Test World & conversation with show creator

Montreal, CA [Oct. 9, 2019]

The Other 50% Podcast

Guest March 2019

The One Way Ticket Show

Guest September 2018

The 2017 Global Leadership Summit 

"The Role and Responsibility of Media in Global Education"

New York, NY [2017]

Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council - Global Ed Workshop

Keynote "From the Real World to the Virtual World"

Cincinatti, OH [2016]

Snapshots from Asia: India, Malaysia, Singapore

Screening & Conversation with the filmmaker

The Asia Society. New York, NY [2014]

National School Board Association Annual Conference

"Global Learning: From the Virtual World to the Real World" [2014]

Go Fork Yourself: Jenny Buccos 
Andrew Zimmern [2014]

The University of Chicago

Keynote Speaker for 6th Annual Chicago Int'l Ed Conference [2013]

NY1 New Yorker of the Week

NY1 [2013]

Global Citizenship in the Classroom

TEDxNYED [2013]

Can virtual classrooms change the way we learn?

Al Jazeera [2011]

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